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Early days - Romford market

Linzi opens up a stall at the well known and beloved Romford Market. It quickly became clear that this decision would become a central part of our journey, with our stall becoming a statement fixture that brought joy to customers for many years to come.

First store opening

In 1989, we launched our first shoe shop in Woolwich, initially known as Shoe Crazy. Eventually, we decided to switch things up and rebranded as Linzi. From exciting beginnings to our now-iconic name, our journey has been all about fun, style, and fashionable shoes.

Fast forward

Through the years, our presence has blossomed, establishing a strong foothold in several prominent shopping centres and vibrant high streets. Here, we captivate our loyal customers from all corners of the UK with the latest trends and timeless styles! Currently, we proudly showcase our extensive range across three stunning stores, inviting you to indulge in a world of fashion and footwear brilliance.

What's next for Linzi

The future for Linzi is looking great as we continue to grow and evolve. We’ve boosted our online presence with an upgraded website, app and are continuously growing our TikTok shop making it easier than ever to explore and shop our latest collections. Plus, Linzi is now available through major stockists across the UK. Big things are happening at Linzi, and we can’t wait for our loyal customers to be on this journey with us.